In this class you will learn various styles of Street Dance including commercial, locking, popping, breaking, house and hip-hop. This class is upbeat, fast paced, energising and fun. Great for boys and girls who want to learn street dancing!  This discipline works on stamina, core stability, co-ordination flexibility, and technique. For all ages and abilities.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance. So if you are considering a career in dance or want to be the best dancer you can, we advise taking up ballet. This style of dance will improve a child’s posture, balance and teaches self-discipline and control. We will work on technical exercises to help leg and foot alignment, improve arm lines, turn-out and learn about different time signatures. For all ages and abilities.


Acro is a discipline that combines tricks, gymnastics, breaking and dance. This style will improve strength, core stability, control, flexibility and is great for fitness. Acro is a class for boys and girls wanting to learn impressive tricks that they can add into routines or simply for the wow factor. This class is a lot of fun and will leave you feeling great. For all ages and abilities.


Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of contemporary with jazz and ballet. This is great class for mastering technique. For all ages and abilities.


This class is designed to bring out the individual style of the singer. In Singing you will learn technique and a variety of vocal styles and vocal exercises to maintain a healthy voice. You will sing in a group and learn how to harmonize and control your voice. You will sing solo and work on your range and performance. We aim to work with each singer to develop them into their own artist. For all ages and abilities.


In drama boys and girls will develop excellent social skills, and improve conversational ability and self-esteem. This class is full of fun acting techniques, improvisation, creative movement, verse and prose and dialects. Script work will be covered and pupils will learn how to portray different emotions and facial expressions to enhance the characterisation of a role. For all ages and abilities.